Tips for Planning A COVID-19 Friendly Wedding



Can you believe that 2020 is actually coming to an end? It somehow feels like an eternity yet
the quickest year ever, all at once.


With the new year approaching, many couples are in the midst of re-planning their rescheduled
2020 wedding or are cautiously moving forward hoping to stick with their original 2021 plans.
If we’ve learned anything from this year, it’s that guidelines can change at a moment’s notice.
Though it is difficult to predict for sure what the 2021 wedding season will look like, there are a
few tips and ideas you can keep in mind while planning to ensure the health and safety of
everyone involved.


Get Creative with Serving Food

If you are planning a backyard or small micro wedding, try to get creative with your food options
to minimize the spread of germs. Instead of going buffet style with a caterer, it may be worth
looking into a food truck or something that can be served individually with plates and utensils
that can be thrown away.

On that note, it may also be best to avoid shared food stations all together, such as candy
displays, punch bowls, and open containers. Consider providing alcohol and other beverages in
individual cans and bottles so guests can grab what they want from a cooler and recycle when
they’re finished. Put a friend or family member in charge of keeping an eye on the supply. If it
starts running low, use an alcohol delivery service app to replenish the stock and keep the party

Cut Down the Guest List

Though it is not an ideal option for your dream wedding, it may be worth considering. Look at it
this way — it is the perfect excuse to cut that cousin twice removed that you only met once but
your mom is guilting you into inviting.

Take a good look at your guest list and separate each person into an “essential” and
“nonessential” category. It is easier said than done, of course, but it will help you get a better
look at who truly needs to be there. Cutting down the guest list also cuts down on the risk of
spread in the event a guest was COVID positive, but just asymptomatic.


Have It Outside

We all know by now that socializing outside is significantly safer than indoor gatherings and can cut contagion risk virtually in half. Outdoor tent receptions have become more popular than ever in 2020 and couples have found ways to make them absolutely stunning.  As with any outdoor event, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan incase of bad weather. Have fans, space heaters, and even umbrellas on standby. Don’t forget that your outdoor ceremony will need a backup location too if there is rain or storms in the forecast. You may be able to get by with an umbrella if there is only light rain and scattered sprinkles, but heavy rain and storms may require you to designate a space under the tent that can be used as a last-minute backup location. Consult with the property owner to come up with the best game plan.

Replace Dancing with Another Activity

For most people, the best part of a wedding reception is the dancing. However, if you have high
risk friends and family members attending, you may want to brainstorm some ideas for other
activities guests can do without the risk that comes with dancing with a large group of people.
Some fun ideas include but are not limited to: hiring a photobooth or caricature artist, providing
board games at each table, outdoor lawn games, set up a karaoke station, or hire a stand up

Consider Eloping

And last but not least, consider eloping. We have seen some really unique photos from couples
who decided to embrace the situation and ditch the big wedding plans for a small, intimate

There are several benefits to going this route: you save money, you can do what you want when
you want, and you will be able to focus on each other and really hone in on the emotion and
intimacy of what marriage means in your relationship. You can keep it simple by doing a
courthouse wedding then leave for a mini-moon to the closest mountain or beach town, or you
can get adventurous and road trip somewhere special to elope in a private ceremony. At the
same time, it is important for many couples to share the moment with all of their closest friends
and family members. If the thought of eloping excites you even a little bit, it may be worth
looking into!

2020 was not the year for weddings, and unfortunately, as of right now nothing can be
guaranteed for 2021 either. But this year has proven that love will always find a way. If you
are  planning a 2021 wedding, keep these tips in mind to ensure the health and safety of yourselves
and the ones you love!


Blog Owner:  Dana Persia, a native of Philadelphia, is CEO of Beautiful Brides Philly.  Dana is passionate about all things beauty, skin and style having served over 2,000 brides and individual clients over the past 20 years. Her most recent passion project is bringing her tips, tricks and beauty knowledge on her YouTube Channel.



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