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How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party On a Budget

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Weddings are notoriously expensive, and the costs come from more than just the big day itself. The bachelorette party is one of those expenses that is totally worth it but can blow your budget if you aren’t careful. Try these ideas to keep your budget in check without compromising on fun.

Plan an Affordable Getaway

 A destination bachelorette party may cost more than staying local, but planning smart can keep costs down so it fits your budget. If you go with a destination party, be sure to factor home security into your planning. You will need a list of packing essentials — and add a checklist of home security precautions so that the bride and bridesmaids can travel with peace of mind.

These are a few of our favorite ideas for planning your destination party on a budget:

  • Take a shorter trip: Instead of a weekend getaway, plan on staying just one or two nights. Longer party weekends can be exhausting, and keeping the fun to a day or two will slash costs all around.
  • Lower travel expenses: Airfare is one of the biggest costs of a destination party. The website Loverly recommends traveling at a time during the offseason for your destination and traveling midweek to lower those costs.
  • Share accommodations: It is a party after all, so why not share rooms to split the cost of accommodations? You don’t have to splurge on a luxurious suite, but look into specials or alternative options that will accommodate your whole crowd. Renting a place through home share websites may also be more affordable than hotel rooms.
  • Don’t overdo it: It’s tempting to overschedule and overdo on accessories, but every little thing adds up. Leave room in your schedule to do some things at the spur of the moment. Not to mention, you’ll want a little rest time, which, of course, is free!
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Go Local

 If a destination isn’t in your budget or simply isn’t your thing, having a local shindig can be every bit as fun as traveling.

  • Be a tourist in your own town: What kind of activities would you pick if you were traveling? Chances are you can do some of those same things right where you live. Bridebox suggests visiting local breweries, going to a spa, or getting appetizers at a fabulous restaurant. You can make it special without spending a lot by choosing something you don’t normally do.
  • Take a class: No, we aren’t suggesting you go back to school! Doing something new and different is a great way to shake things up, and group classes can be very affordable. Take a cooking class and whip up your own delicious meal, or have a craft night to make special mementos of the wedding festivities.

Stay In

 Instead of a night out, staying in is the ultimate way to go “local” and save money. Even though it’s low-cost, staying in is anything but boring. With some quick and easy decorations and supplies from hobby stores like Joann or Hobby Lobby, you can even deck out your space for pennies when you apply coupons and promotions. Consider these themes:

  • Go for low-key glam: If the girls want to get dressed up and feel fancy without the costs of a night on the town, plan a cocktail party at your home. Keep it simple and have everyone come in their best night-out attire, or pick a theme like the roaring 20s. You can even provide inexpensive party favors like fun lipstick colors, snazzy fake eyelashes, makeup palettes and nail polish.
  • Make it a slumber party: Remember those sleepovers you had as a kid? Recreate that magic with an all-night girls-night-in. Have everyone come in pajamas, make some DIY spa treatments, and get into the wedding spirit with one of these movies.
  • Take it outside: For a different twist on an at-home party, host a backyard movie screening. All you need for snacks is plenty of popcorn, plus some tasty beverages.


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If you go with an at-home party, another way to stay on budget is to have several bridesmaids split the costs, so that one person doesn’t bear the full burden. After all, the whole point is to have fun, not create a financial strain for anyone! These ideas are guaranteed for a night to remember that everyone can afford.


Guest Blogger:  Erin Reynolds is single mom who taught herself how to do home improvement projects and repairs to save money, creating a helpful DIY blog on topics such from gardening to budget-friendly tips and ideas. 


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