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Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is no doubt a coveted item. There’s a special meaning that it holds, serving as a symbol of sorts. It marks the beginning of the road to an official marriage. It sets the precedent for a lifetime together with your partner. And it also paves the way for the chaos that ensues during the planning season—which, of course, only happens in an attempt to have a memorable wedding. Still, it is generally the ring that starts it all. Many brides know the ins and outs of a decent engagement ring, focusing on their favorite kind of diamond shapes and looking closely at the cut. 

Round Engagement Rings

These engagement rings are one of the most popular kinds of rings sold. It’s a classy, traditional approach for those who prefer to take the conventional route. This shape also allows for a more brilliant finish, perfect for brides who prefer a little more sparkle. And its classy exterior makes it a lot more flexible compared to the other engagement ring shapes. This gives it a kind of versatility that can fit in just in case you would want to wear more jewelry. However, due to its popularity and flexibility, it may be quite expensive. As such, it may not be for those who would prefer a more affordable option. 

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a slightly different style compared to the conventional round shaped ring. Those who choose a princess cut may prefer a more statement type—it may not be the most ideal for those who are unsure about their accessory preferences. Still, this cut is often compared to the round shape. They have a similar brilliance, and they can look sophisticated as well. Such a cut was popular during the 80s and 90s. And so, if you’re the type who happens to be a fan of the styles in previous decades, getting a princess cut could be a good choice. 


This shape is arguably the most popular cut as of recently. It’s a flattering cut that can look large on your finger. Its widespread popularity means that it is also one of the most expensive in the market—if not the most. Again, it may not be for those who feel like they’re breaking the bank. Even so, it could be worth every cent for those who want a sizeable diamond on their ring. Its versatility, much like the round cut, also adds to the practicality. And for those who follow a good amount of pop culture, it might be worth knowing that oval cut engagement rings are very popular among celebrities. 

Pear Shape

A pear shape has often been compared to a teardrop, making it a rather unique shape. It is said to symbolize wedding tears or tears of joy. Pear cuts also tend to show up in vintage collections often if you’re able to check out vintage stores. This means that it has a certain aura of elegance and timelessness. They’re perfect for those who prefer an older, vintage look for their jewelry. Moreover, buying vintage rings can help save some cash. You can save the money for other important items to buy for the future, whether it be a house or some future investments for children. 


The marquise cut—otherwise known as “little boat” or “navette”—is for those who want to elongate their fingers. It has a shape that can be compared to a football, although it can still be elegant. The cut itself has a rich history. It even dates back to the 18th century royalty, which may give it a reputation of being dated. But contrary to the outdated perception that has been tied to it, the marquise shaped engagement rings have had a modern update that makes it more attractive. Some jewelers have opted for it to sit horizontally instead of the usual vertical orientation. 

Emerald Cut 

Another classic cut, the emerald cut is categorized by its rectangular shape—in fact, it’s probably one of the oldest cuts, dating back to the 1500s. The sophisticated diamond shape came from the practical method of the way emerald gemstones were cut to prevent any chips. Those who dealt in diamonds were inspired by this cut, and thus the emerald cut diamond was born. Such an engagement ring is great for those who want a larger diamond without spending too much. There’s also the added bonus of practicality. The way that the diamond is cut makes it a lot sturdier, which adds even more value to its price. Still, it must be properly cleaned and maintained to look proper, which can add up to a lot. 

Choosing the Best Cut

With all of these different cuts, what’s the best way to determine which cut is for you? It might be helpful to consider how much you’re willing to spend. There’s still a wedding to plan, after all, and marriage as well as future family expenses to think of. The next step would be to consider the kind of style that would not only look good but also be practical in terms of the other accessories to be worn in the future. Still, a ring is a ring—any engagement ring already serves as a meaningful token and an heirloom to be forever cherished. 

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