9 Unusual Methods of Self Care for a Bride-to-be

Having a healthy state of mind is essential to enjoying a happy life. If you’re planning anupcoming wedding; however, your mental state is likely stressed. Fortunately, there aresome strategies you may not have considered that can help you feel better. It’s possible toimprove yourself care with these nine unique tips: 1. Sing More Often  Singing […]

Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is no doubt a coveted item. There’s a special meaning that it holds, serving as a symbol of sorts. It marks the beginning of the road to an official marriage.

Tips for Getting Your Beauty Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. Getting sufficient sleep the day before will ensure that you’re feeling energized and looking rested. You can then perfect your bridal look with hair and makeup services from a professional like Beautiful Brides Philly. The average adult should get seven to nine hours […]