Wedding Day Essentials

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Your wedding day is something you prepare for a long period of time. The planning process itself is planned out, because you definitely don’t want to be caught unprepared on your wedding day, having to run home to go grab something. Just like that, when the bridal look is planned, so are all the things that the bride should have on-hand during the ceremony. Not literally – the bride’s hands should be completely free, but a designated bridesmaid should have all of her essentials in a small bag on her. So, let’s take a look at what are the things you should have.


Wedding Day Makeup
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Makeup Fix-Ups

If you’re having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, you should ask her which products you should have on-hand during the wedding so that you can fix your makeup on the go. If you are doing it yourself, then you should have a pretty good idea what those items are. Either way, there’s one important thing to keep in mind when putting together an emergency makeup kit: do not pack too much. If you have your entire makeup array at your disposal, you’re going to spend far too much time fixing your makeup, and you will be tempted to completely redo it every time you go to the bathroom. “Definitely have your lipstick, some pressed powder, one eyeliner in the color you’re wearing and a concealer for under eye mishaps.  Maybe even some blotting papers for humid wedding days,” says Dana Persia, professional makeup artist and owner of Beautiful Brides Philly.” Try wearing your look for a day beforehand and see how much fixing it requires.
Bride Hair With Braids and Babies Breath
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Hairdo helpers

While you’re jumping around and dancing, your hairdo is bound to fall out of place. It’s not something that you can avoid by putting extra hairspray and pins in your head, and it will probably only make you uncomfortable. Firstly, you have to let go. Accept that your hair is not going to look perfect the entire evening and that some strands will fall out. Just roll with it. Secondly, you want to have a designated bridesmaid to be your personal hairstylist for the evening. When she sees that your hairstyle is getting a bit too loose, she should take you aside, break out the bobby pins and mini hairspray out of her bag and fix you up in a minute so you can go back there and get dancing. Make sure she’s present while your hair is being done, so that she can know what to do.


Non-traditional bridal hair and makeup

See Well

A lot of people wear glasses, and it’s a perfectly good accessory, even for your wedding day. However, many brides would rather opt for contact lenses, which give them more freedom without worrying whether their glasses will fall off. If you don’t usually wear contacts, make sure you put them on a couple of times beforehand and wear them throughout a day to make sure you get used to the feeling. In your emergency kit, you should have eye drops and a cleaning liquid. If you’re a crier, and you know you’re going to be tearing up during the ceremony, make sure you have a spare pair of contacts with you so that you can change them after you’re done crying and rubbing your eyes.

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Dress Repair

The worst things that can happen to a dress – sometime happen. And you can always be extra careful and chant “What are the odds?!”, but when that wineglass falls or a seam rips, you’re going to need some help. A good trick is to have white chalk close by. If you get an unexpected stain, rub it all over to conceal it for the time being. White thread and a needle, along with safety pins and spare buttons are a must in your bag. If anything happens, you and your bridesmaids should be able to jump onto it and fix it in a matter of minutes. Remember, this doesn’t have to last – it just needs to get you through the night.
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Nail polish

When you are getting ready to leave, make sure you pack some clean nail polish, as well as one that fits the color of your shoes or handbag. The clear one is to seal any holes that might appear in your tights or chipped nails, and the colored one is to fix any scuff marks on your shoes. It can also be used to secure buttons or make a stubborn string stay in place.
Wedding Makeup for Bridesmaids with purple dresses
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No matter what happens, you have to relax and understand that nothing will go exactly according to plan. No matter how many wedding planners you hire and how many times you go over the plan, as long as you are ready for anything that happens, you’ll have a great, stress-free time!

Guest Blogger:  Diana Wills, from  A biochemistry graduate and blogger based in Sydney. She is a science, health and food lover, with interests in fashion and beauty. She is enjoying all these things so much that she started to write about them so she can share this passion with everyone.

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Wedding Favors Your Guests (And You!) Will Love

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If someone comes to your wedding with love and support in their eyes, you generally want to make sure that person feels appreciated. Guests are more than just an audience for your event, they’re there to help you make the first steps as a married couple, and wedding favors have a long tradition in our culture and are a sign of respect and gratitude. We’ve all probably received our fair share of them after attending weddings, but a large majority of them might have ended up somewhere in the back of your closet. It’s not that you don’t appreciate the gift, it’s just that it wasn’t necessarily practical or particularly interesting (how many stylized breath mint boxes do you even have by now?). So, how do we make sure we gift our friends and family with something they will truly love? Well, we’ve got plenty of suggestions right here!

Mini Coffee Tins

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What do you need the most after a long night of dancing and boozing? A steaming hot cup of delicious coffee! If you get everyone a cute little tin with a nice blend of strong coffee they’re bound to appreciate it, and it’s a very easy gift to pack and distribute to everyone. If you’re not sure everyone likes coffee, then you could pick a tea blend instead, or make both options available. It’s especially nice when the guests start opening the tins and inhaling the rich scents, then smiling appreciatively at you.

Little Hangover Kits

What’s another thing you need after a long night of dancing and boozing? Well, a Tylenol would be nice, actually. Hangover kits are a genius idea for those couples who want to make sure their guests have a good time without worrying too much. It’s a jokey little gift that encourages good time, and all you’ll need are little bags that are filled with pain relievers, water bottles, breath mints, and maybe a small snack. You can modify them however you like and add some vitamin C, or whatever you like to use to cure your own hangovers.

Jam Jars

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Everybody likes jam! It’s delicious, it’s sweet, and if you give your guests a nice little jar with an inscription, then they can later use it as a memento of the good time they had. Alternatively, you can give them other kinds of food to take – cupcakes, doughnuts, or even homemade cookies.

Grooming Items


Weddings are a long affair, and waking up the morning after the party usually means you’ll need a little pampering to get you back on your feet. So, why not create some custom grooming kits? You can easily find great unique gifts such as organic lip balms, hydrating facial mists, body scrubs, cleansers, butters, hand creams – mix and match whatever you like and put it in a little personalized bag. As for the gentlemen, why not pick a shaving bar soap, a wooden mustache, maybe some aftershave lotion? These are really sweet gifts that will relax your guests and make them feel like they got their own personal spa kit.

Personalized Mugs

You can print each of the guest’s names, or you can print your favorite romantic quote, or something else that will remind them of the wedding day. A simple “Thank you for being with us through our journey!” works more than well enough. Everyone likes a nice, unique mug, and it’s an inexpensive wedding favor that will still be held in high regard.

Or Flasks!

If your friends like their booze, then simply switch the personalized mug for a personalized flask. It’s a great gift for those people who are fond of their crazy bunch of friends and love them to bits. It will also remind them of all the good times you spent together.

Tiny Champagne Bottles

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Wine works just as well, but honestly so does fresh, organic orange juice, or whatever else you want to gift them. As long as you pick a bottle of something fancy-looking and put a nice ribbon with a thank you note on it, they’re bound to love it.

Make sure to supply each of these gifts with a little personalized card and whatever you pick will be a great gift. Any of these options are wonderful if you want something memorable and useful, so grab whatever your budget allows.


Guest Blogger:  Brigitte Evans, Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant, Beauty Department,

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Tips to Reduce Wedding Day Bloat

When it comes to weddings, there’s no one that gets more excited than the bride (sorry grooms, but we just have to be honest here). While having the perfect day to remember is the goal of every bride-to-be, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything depends on the organization, dress, or guests. In fact, a lot of problems can happen due to the fact that brides forget to take care of themselves while planning their wedding day.

The last thing you want to see at your wedding is not the late arrival of your best friend, a wardrobe malfunction, or a drunken party guest – it’s a bulging belly.

Read how to protect yourself against bloating.

Mind what you eat and test for food allergies

Consuming foods that don’t come gently on your stomach will cause you pain and bloating.

This is why every bride should check whether she’s intolerant to a certain food. Food intolerance happens when a person has difficulty digesting certain foods. With this in mind, a few months before the wedding, a bride should visit some of the best-trained allergy specialists for the purpose of ruling out food allergies as a cause of bloating. The most accurate way to determine whether you have food intolerance is to do an allergy test. If the test shows that you are sensitive to a particular food, you should definitely eliminate it from your meal plan, even if you only take that food occasionally.

Finally, avoid eating big meals if that feels unpleasant to your stomach. Overeating is the last thing you need the night before the celebration. Take small portions instead. Also, make sure to have a light yet healthy breakfast on the day of your wedding.

Take supplements that support food digestion

Every bride should do some research on which digestive enzyme supplements to use. Some of these, like Lactase, can even provide immediate relief.

Also, taking some good quality magnesium supplements will support the bride’s digestive system because these go through the digestive tract smoothly and are very well absorbed. In addition, using magnesium reduces the possibility of developing more serious gastrointestinal problems.

If you don’t have time to do some in-depth research, ask a good friend to do it for you or visit a doctor to recommend you some common supplements used to fix problems with bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. Start fixing these issues with your stomach as soon as possible – you don’t want to have problems with your belly a week before the wedding, because that will only cause you more stress and slow you down.

Stress less and avoid hyperventilation

Brides should bear in mind that their weddings are not about families and guests, but about the married couple. While the ideal organization is desirable, losing sleep over every detail won’t be of any help. On the contrary, if stressed, a bride is likely to end up losing control over essential things such as her feelings and the party atmosphere, which can result in a real disaster.

When panicking, we start to over-breathe, which leads to swallowing much more oxygen than needed. Next, when we worry too much, anxiety starts to negatively affect part of the brain related to the digestive system by slowing it down. Also, stress itself can trigger stomach pain and cause bloating.

So, relax – everything’s going to be just fine.

See a doctor to make sure you’re healthy

Needless to say, visiting a doctor is one thing you don’t want to see on your schedule while you plan your own wedding.

However, have in mind that paying a visit to your doctor has multiple benefits. First, you’ll be able to reduce your problems related to bloating on time. And, second, if your problems persist, your doctor is the only one who can determine whether your health condition needs further medical examination. While it’s normal not to feel good about such situations before the wedding, seeing a doctor is the only possible way to rule out a chronic or serious health condition related to digestive problems.

Remember that the most important thing is to stay positive and feel good about your wedding celebration. Your husband-to-be certainly doesn’t want to see you nervous or tired when the time to tie the knot comes. However, don’t be scared by all this information – usually, bloating can be controlled by some minor changes in your nutrition.

Guest Blogger:  Diana Wills is a biochemistry graduate and blogger ( based in Sydney. She is a science, health and food lover, with interests in fashion and beauty. She is enjoying all these things so much that she started to write about them so she can share this passion with everyone.


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5 Ways to Personalize Your Bridal Shower


Braided Bridal Updo
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Bridal showers are lots of fun, and they’re a very special occasion in your life. Your shower is a chance for you to kick back with the women who are the most important to you and celebrate and cherish your last few days of being single. It’s also an opportunity to glean words of wisdom, advice, and good wishes as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime with your marriage partner.

Here are five tips and ideas for personalizing your bridal shower, so that it becomes not just a party but an unforgettable day that you’ll treasure forever.



Do an Activity that You Really Love

Every bride is different, so your bridal shower can reflect what you love the most. Perhaps you’re the kind of girl that feels super loved and pampered when she goes to the day spa, so your bridal shower could be an at-home pamper session for you and your ladies. You could have a small team of friends and relatives help you to prepare foot baths, rose petals, essential oils, massage creams, and mani-pedi-kits, or you could simplify the preparations by hiring a professional to come and run the pamper session for you. To commemorate the occasion, spring for some personalized wine glasses to use during the shower – they are a great additional touch and will be something your girls are sure to love.

If you’re more of an artsy individual who likes to make things, consider having a jewelry-making bridal shower. Set up little kits with wire, beads, and jewelry-making tools, put on some relaxing background music, and sit around the table with your friends making pretty things and enjoying cake and tea.

Instead of holding your shower at home, you could meet in a park, at a café or tea room that’s special to you, or go to the beach or even camping. The trick is to think of a place where you feel relaxed and happy, and design your shower around that.


Bridal Party Wedding Hair and Makeup Prep

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Have a Fun and Easy Dress Code

For a bit of fun, ask your guests to wear a specific type of clothing or a special matching item. For a garden party, you might ask your ladies to come in floral dresses. For a beach party, everyone could wear swimsuits and cute wrap-arounds. If you’re heading out for a night in town, you could get matching robes to get ready in beforehand. If you prefer to stay in and have a slumber party and watch chick-flicks, comfortable sleepwear is an essential for the evening, and you could surprise your girls with beautiful matching eye masks.

The great thing about these outfits is that they aren’t expensive and are things most of your guests would already have. So if you’re mindful of your friends’ budgets, or your own, this is a great way to create special memories without spending top dollar.

Perhaps you want to do something fun but not go as far as setting a specific dress code. In that case, use a pamper party as an excuse for everyone to wear their most comfortable slippers, or provide matching tiaras for a tea party. When you look back at the photos of your shower, these fun touches will be sure to make you smile!


Let Each Guest Bring a Game

Here’s a great twist on the bridal shower game tradition: Get your guests to bring the games! There are multiple benefits to this idea.

The first benefit is that you don’t have to think of all the ideas. You can choose one game, and let your guests introduce you to fun games you might never have heard of before. The second benefit is that you don’t have to provide all of the materials. Bringing the necessary items for a game could be that person’s present, and then there’s less for you to buy beforehand. And the third benefit is that your guests get an opportunity to be more involved in your shower and add their own personalities and quirks to the occasion.

A few words of caution: Make sure that your guests are well organized beforehand with their games and that they arrive early to get set up. You might also want to have a few extra ideas on hand for if those guests have a last-minute emergency and can’t get there. Finally, set limits on the type of games guests can suggest if you want to keep things simple, short, or G-rated!



Have a Quiz about the Bride-to-Be and a “Words of Wisdom” Book

If you’re a sucker for warm-and-fuzzies and really love to go a bit deeper, consider having a quiz about the bride and a “words of wisdom” book.

Quizzes are a great way to personalize your shower and enjoy a little time in the sun. Prepare a short list of questions (ten is enough) about yourself. You could go funny, deep, or a mix of both. A fun twist on this game is to have your future spouse answer the same questions ahead of time and then read out their responses right after the guests have had their chance to guess, and right before you give your own answers.

A “words of wisdom” book is a blank book where your guests can write words of encouragement and advice as you head into married life. These can be funny or serious, and you can keep this book to read before and after the big day. You can even go back in the future, with some experience under your belt, and reflect on how these words have helped you, perhaps even discovering some ideas that now make more sense than they did before.


Bridal Shower Party Favors

Once it comes time to farewell your guests, send them off with a thoughtful party favor that they can treasure or that will be useful once they get home. For a personalized souvenir, you could send each lady home with a nice bottle of wine and a wine topper photo holder containing a photo of you and them together.

For something practical, you could wrap up a lovely natural face soap with some pretty cloth and a ribbon, and a personalized message. Other options are a pedicure-in-a-bottle, or a recipe jar with all the ingredients for making a decadent hot chocolate at home. After a wonderful time at your shower, your guests are sure to feel valued and appreciated with such thoughtful favors, and will carry the memories with them for a long time to come.


The Most Important Part of All

The most important part of personalizing your bridal shower into an unforgettable day is to not make it a chore. Pack that day with things you love doing, but not at the expense of having to do weeks of prep work that you won’t enjoy. Just sitting and talking somewhere is perfectly all right. Ultimately, there are only so many “activities” in the world. The true personalization comes from the one-of-a-kind bond between you and your friends.

Now that you’ve got your creative juices flowing with these tips, enjoy brainstorming for your bridal shower, have a wonderful time with your special ladies, and congratulations!


Guest Blogger:

Constante Quirino, Ayr Skin Care
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Feel Great in Your Body on Your Wedding Day

Every bride is beautiful in her own way and it’s perfectly normal for a bride to want to look her best on her big day. Wedding preparations start well before the actual big day and it’s important to set realistic goals for how you want to look on your wedding day. In addition to that, you don’t want to make the way you look your sole focus. You should introduce small changes in your daily routine that will give you the results you want. So let’s take a look at the steps that will give you the best results in a balanced and healthy way:


Change Your Diet

Wanting to lose weight isn’t the only reason why someone would want to change their diet. The food we eat is the fuel for our body, and changing our diet can have many benefits, including mental and physical health, energy levels and overall mood. The changes you make will depend on your goals, but there are some general pointers that we would all be better off if we followed. One of them is eating clean, whole, minimally processed food. It means that you know exactly what is going into your body and you are getting the maximum nutrients out of your food. As soon as the food is processed, it starts losing nutrients, so fresh is key. You also want to try and swap as many sweets for fruit and bread with whole grains. Include plenty of vegetables and fiber in your diet and you will have a healthy gut, while vitamins will help you stay energized and fight off disease.


Flawless Skin

All skin is beautiful, and we should be proud of the skin we have, but it’s also okay to want to change your skin, or simply give it better care so it would regenerate and repair itself. To be clear, you don’t want to make any big changes to your skincare or undergo any procedures a week before the wedding, because it might irritate your skin and you want to give it time to adapt and calm down. But what you do want to make sure you’re doing well before the wedding (and continue doing it after, too) is to clean your skin thoroughly with a mild soap twice per day and moisturize it well. Clean, moisturized skin will look beautiful and shiny, and if you use creams infused with collagen, it will look tight and smooth longer. If you have any issues with your skin that can’t just go away with proper skincare, there are procedures like pigmentation removal and skin rejuvenation that can help you with any issues. Take care of your entire body, not just your face. Apply body oils or body milk whenever you shower and take care of any problematic areas with dry or cracked skin, like the heels, knees or elbows.



If you want to shape your body for the wedding and have the energy to spend the whole day on your feet, you’ll want to start doing regular exercise. Firstly, to boost your stamina, you should change your routine to walk or bike more. But you also want some vigorous exercise, so consider enrolling in a class or joining a gym, training every other day to get some muscles. Thirdly, doing yoga will help you shape your muscles beautifully, so you can wear a sleeveless, backless dress without any worries. You want to make sure that the routine you set for yourself is sustainable, because if you start a couple months before the wedding, but quit after a few weeks, you won’t be doing yourself any favors. If you’re going to be spending the whole night on your feet in heels, you’ll want to make that part of your routine because strong calves and ankles are the only things that will keep you upright. Lastly, you’ll want to stay away from any dangerous exercise because no bride wants to go down the aisle with a cast on a limb.

Don’t forget that it’s not about how your body looks or what size your dress is – it is about how you feel when you are walking down the aisle. So while you’re taking care of your body, remember that you are not just doing it to look better, but to feel better too.

Guest Blogger:  Brigitte Evans, Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant, Beauty Department,


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Fit Your Bridal Gown to Your Body Shape

Bride Tierney featured on Philly in Love blog

A future bride’s work is not done until the very morning of the big day. And the biggest task she has is creating the perfect bridal look. This, of course, means choosing the ideal wedding gown, which is an important part of the entire ceremony. But all of the magazines, Pinterest boards and sketches won’t help you find the perfect one – you have to put it on to know. This is because all of us have a unique shape that will look good in different dresses, and to help guide you through the waters of bridal shopping, here’s a quick guide through different body shapes – and dresses to match.


If you have an hourglass body shape, you are one lucky girl because that means that your bust is in proportion with your hips and your overall figure is something that most other women try to achieve with different dresses. And if you want to show off your curves and celebrate them, then the perfect dress would be a bodycon or mermaid shape. It will hug your curves in all the right places, and if you get a dress that has ruching, you can conceal any areas you don’t want to draw attention to. On the other hand, if you want to be more modest, or just feel free in your movements, then an A-line will do wonders for you.


An apple-shaped person is someone who carries the majority of their weight around their stomach. It is almost like an inverted hourglass, and many brides want to even out their proportions with their gown. The best way to go about doing this is to get a dress with an empire waist, which will be flowy enough to conceal your mid-section without it looking too obvious. Another thing you can do is consider adding details to draw the eye away from your waist, like a bedazzled top, feather skirt or any other detail that will make people focus on other parts of your dress.


If you have a smaller bust with fuller hips and thighs, you have a pear-shaped body. If you are proud of your body shape, you can definitely wear a mermaid dress with some padding on the top to take full advantage of your curves. But if you want to minimize the appearance of your hips, then you should consider a ballgown. It might seem counter-intuitive because a ballgown is literally the shape with the widest bottom half, but you want to make it look like it is the dress giving that shape, and not the hips underneath. If you have a smaller chest and you can get away without wearing a bra, then you are the perfect candidate for an open back dress.

Plus size

If you are in the plus range, you will know that shopping isn’t always a great experience. Many stores don’t carry your size or simply think that plus-size clothing is a bigger version of regular sizes, when that’s not really the case. Luckily, in recent years, there’s been a rise in the number of absolutely stunning plus size wedding dresses. Now, you can choose something not only because it is the only dress you can find in your size, but because it’s something you actually want and fits your body shape, because plus size brides come in all shapes, heights and with different tastes and preferences.


If you are a taller woman, shopping for gowns can be a challenge – but it can also be a blessing. The one thing you want to make sure of is that you find something that is truly long enough: if you have long sleeves, they should cover your wrists, the dress should just about hit the floor and the waist should be at the right spot. Otherwise, you risk looking like you’ve borrowed a dress from a shorter bride. Use your assets and put your height in the spotlight by choosing a stunning floor length dress with an open back. Try to avoid tea-length dresses, as they might make it look like you couldn’t find a dress in your size.


When buying your dress, remember to try on the key accessories, because the shape of a dress (and your body in it) can be completely transformed with a belt, sash, jacket or lace slip. Try the dresses on in shoes of the appropriate height and put on the veil when you think you’ve found the right one. Remember that the most important task of the dress is to be comfortable and make you feel like the queen you are.

A Self-Improvement Guide for Brides-to-Be: The 3 Tips You Need to Know

All brides want to look their very best for their wedding day. With all of the time you spend choosing a dress, visiting venues, creating the menu, and planning your seating chart, you need to make sure that you are making time for yourself. Fortunately, you can choose from minor to major self-improvements, and many of them fit easily into your daily routine.

Professional Bridal Makeup by Beautiful Brides Philly

Photo:  Studio K Photography

  1. Get Ready for Your Close-Ups

You will cherish your wedding photos and video even more when you focus on self-improvement to prepare for your close-ups. As your wedding date nears, treat yourself to a facial. As Brides reports, various facials will help you put your best face forward. Some brides opt for traditional facials beginning at least six months before the big day.

Regular facials combined with a consistent skincare routine at home will help you look flawless. Or, you could opt for a microcurrent facial, an innovative anti-aging treatment popular today.

No matter which facial you choose, be sure to focus on at-home skincare solutions between appointments. Many brides-to-be sing the praises of all-natural skincare solutions at home, especially because they are inexpensive and don’t put any chemicals into your body. If you’re not sure how to get started with an all-natural skincare routine at home, consider these suggestions from Dr. Axe:

  • Coconut oil for your skin and hair – Cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup, heal wounds and scars, and prevent razor burn
  • Tea tree oil – Combat breakouts, redness, and skin inflammation
  • Apple cider vinegar – Cleanse the skin and help stop acne
  • Raw honey – Reduce breakouts, moisturize, heal wounds, fight allergies and rashes, and reduce scars
  • Sea salt – Balance, protect, and restore skin by putting Himalayan or Celtic sea salt in homemade masks, toners, and scrubs with coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and raw honey
  • Avocado – Hydrate with a homemade avocado face mask with essential oils and honey

Photo:  Hy Paul Photography 

  1. Boost Your Smile

Your smile should be at its very best on your wedding day. One way that you can improve your smile is with dental implants. A popular treatment, dental implants can be done for medical or aesthetic reasons, and they can make a bride who is hesitant to smile feel more confident and beautiful on her wedding day. Dental implants are a long-term self-improvement treatment that takes a few months to complete, so plan to meet with a dentist far in advance of walking down the aisle.

Teeth whitening is another way to improve your smile for your wedding day. There are several options for teeth whitening, including in-office bleaching, at-home bleaching trays, and at-home bleaching strips. If you’d prefer to whiten your teeth naturally, Healthline shares seven ways you can do so, from oil pulling to brushing with baking soda. You also can opt for a toothpaste containing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Improve Your Overall Health

 Starting a new life with your spouse is an exciting time. You can ensure a long life together if you focus on improving your overall health even before your wedding by eating healthy. Not only does drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and veggies improve your complexion, but it also helps trim your waistline to ensure you fit into that fabulous dress.

Cassie Shortsleeve of Women’s Health talked to four dietitians before her wedding to get the scoop on what to eat to avoid bloating, have energy, feed their muscles, and maybe drop a few pounds. Their suggestions include eating flax seed, chia seed, and walnuts for Omega-3s to fight bloating and stay regular. They also recommend avoiding sugar and white carbs for maintaining beautiful skin and hair and reducing inflammation.

You also should load up on fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes and carrots, to improve skin appearance. One month before your trip down the aisle, focus on eating lean proteins, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and avocado. You can eliminate carbohydrates with dinner and reduce your diary intake to reduce bloat and lose a few extra pounds.

Brides-to-be will look and feel your best with few self-improvement treatments. Make facial appointments and use at-home natural skincare solutions. Then, boost your smile with dental implants or teeth whitening tricks. Finally, improve your overall health by eating a balanced diet.

Guest Blogger:  Erin Reynolds– Erin is single mom who taught herself how to do home improvement projects and repairs to save money.


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A Complete Guide To Wedding Flowers

There are many details you need to keep in mind when planning your wedding, and flowers are definitely one of them. They come in many types, shapes, and colors, and can be used for anything from your venue décor to your bouquet. If you could use some inspiration when it comes to such details, here’s everything you need to know about wedding flowers.

Decide on the Theme

First off, deciding on your theme before dealing with the flower-related details will make everything much easier. Knowing your theme will help you choose the right type of flowers, colors, and even the amount; minimalistic themes will naturally require fewer details than elaborate luxurious themes. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research before meeting your florist. Knowing the basics about the most popular wedding flowers and their characteristics will definitely make the job easier for your florist. Plus, you won’t feel completely lost when discussing different ideas.


The Flower Girl

Traditionally, the flower girl is supposed to walk down the aisle before the bride does and gently scatter flower petals from her basket onto the ground. So, if this is something you want to include in your wedding ceremony, makes sure to provide your flower girl with fresh flower petals, which should also match your wedding theme in terms of color. She could also wear a couple of flowers in her hair, or – if you want her to be a part of your ceremony but not scatter the petals – she could carry her own smaller flower bouquet.

Aisle Runner

If you’re planning on holding your wedding ceremony outside, consider adding a bunch of flower petals along the aisle. You can place them in clusters or in some more interesting design that is guaranteed to draw everybody’s attention and emphasize your grand entrance even more. Plus, if you’re not into the idea of having a flower girl, this option would allow you to still have flower petals at your wedding, just in a bit different way.

The Bouquet

Assuming that you’re going to carry a bouquet down the aisle, it’s a good starting point for discussing flowers with your florist because it will most likely be the focal featured in the majority of your wedding photos. When discussing the type of flowers that you want to use for the bouquet, consider beautiful silk flowers – they are unique, and they can be in any color you wish, so you can easily match them with any theme. After you decide on your own bouquet, you can move on to the bouquets for your bridesmaids, which don’t have to be exactly the same as yours, but they should complement it in some way.


Traditionally, corsages are flowers worn on the shoulders or wrists of the mothers and grandmothers of the happy couple. If you want to implement this idea into your own wedding, the same rules apply as for the bride’s flower bouquet – they should match the overall wedding theme. However, they should also set apart the two different sides of the family, so you could perhaps pick a slightly different color shade for each side.

Altar Arrangements

If you want to create a really spectacular background worthy of your vows, consider decorating your wedding altar with beautiful flower arrangements. You can place them around the altar, or you can even hang them from it. Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile, you could also ask your florist to create a wall covered with flowers – it would be perfect for your wedding photos since it is bound to leave everybody in awe.

Everybody can agree that flowers are an essential part of the wedding ceremony, since they make everything much brighter and more romantic. The best thing about them is that there are many ways of incorporating them into your wedding, so whether you want them to be a part of your outfit or a part of the décor, they are guaranteed to make your wedding ceremony memorable.

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Beef Up Your Winter Skincare Routine with These Tips

Skincare is one of the most important parts of bridal beauty prep. But it isn’t something that you do a week before your wedding – it’s a part of your lifestyle, and it’s something you should do all year round. However, skincare isn’t something that is fixed: you need to adapt it to fit your needs and external elements. This means that you should follow these tips during winter if you want to meet the first spring sun looking fresh.


During winter, we tend to wear heavier products to keep our skin well-nourished, but we also spend a lot of time in cities, in transport and generally in areas that very polluted. Because of this, it is important that you cleanse your face regularly with Juara rice facial cleanser before you go to bed, and also with some lukewarm water and baby soap after you wake up. You should also deep cleanse and exfoliate once or twice per week.


A serum is like a medical specialist in a bottle. It is concentrated goodness made to help with skin issues you might have. Serums are especially good for women over the age of 40, because they can be an intense moisturizer, as well as contain vital nutrients to help rejuvenate the skin. You can also look for serums that you add into your daily face cream to make it richer.

Tired eyes

The cold air can irritate your eyes, and because of the flu season, we also often get puffy eyes and not sleep well. Luckily, there are products that you can use to counter that. Olay Eyes Illuminating eye cream is a great choice to hide dark circles and look more awake. It also contains anti-aging elements perfect for smoothing out fine lines. And if your eyes are puffy and red, then No More Baggage is the perfect solution to calm and hydrate your skin.

 Sun damage

Some people think that during winter, sunrays are not as dangerous, but this is as far from the truth as it can get. The sun is still shining even during winter, and if there is a lot of snow, it will reflect the sun’s rays and make it even worse. It’s imperative that you use sunscreen or a primer with high SPF which will protect your skin. Sun damage prevention is imperative for an even skin tone and less fine lines as you age.


All too often, people villainize makeup, saying that it is the reason for all of our skin problems. But actually, makeup (especially good quality, natural makeup) can be like a shield for our skin against the elements. Especially in winter, when our skin can easily dry out and crack due to the cold wind, a layer of foundation can act as a barrier and protect our skin. “Choose a foundation that already has an SPF—a double-duty product such as IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+, suggests Dana Persia, makeup artist, esthetician and owner of Beautiful Brides Philly, one of Philadelphia’s top  bridal beauty companies.

Smooth Lips

From reading the vows to the first kiss, a lot of attention is being given to your lips on the big day, and you want to make sure that they are in prime condition. During winter, lips can easily crack, dry out and even bleed, but this is all preventable. First, you want to use a good lip balm–like a handy EOS–and reapply it whenever you feel your lips getting dry. Secondly, you want to make sure you are getting enough moisture from the inside: drink plenty of water and reduce the salt intake to make sure your whole body is hydrated.

If you are getting married during winter, you need to stick to these tips like your life depends on them, but even if your wedding is in the spring or the summer, following them means a lot more damage control once the winter has passed. And many of these practices can be implemented in your daily routine for any season, not just winter, so no matter what season it is: start on time!

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Amazing Philadelphia Wedding Venues You Need to Consider


Hair & Makeup by Beautiful Brides Philly

When you live in a city like Philadelphia, there’s no need to stick to the same old country club wedding. From upscale mansions to laid-back parks, Philly is rich with unique wedding venues to host the nuptials of your dreams. Overwhelmed by the options? These out-of-the-box suggestions are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Greenhouses and Gardens

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than getting married against a backdrop of expertly-curated blooms? What about stunning fountains and handcrafted sculptures? That’s what you’ll find when you host your event at one of these renowned Philadelphia gardens:

While gardens often have both indoor and outdoor spaces, square footage inside tends to be limited compared to expansive garden grounds. For an event to remember, plan your garden wedding during the warm season so you can accommodate all your guests comfortably and allow them to absorb the full beauty of the venue.

Industrial Warehouses

If urban and modern is more your vibe, a converted industrial space is the wedding venue for you — not to mention, you’ll have tons of floor space when a dance party breaks out. With its extensive industrial history, the Philadelphia area is full of options for an industrial chic wedding, like these three converted factories:

These industrial spaces have great bones, but they’ll look bare without some smart decorating. Keep the modern feel by using minimalist geometric decorations and simple materials like metal, glass, and wood. String lights hung vertically give spacious rooms a more intimate feel, while Edison bulbs hung over tables offer a cozy alternative to overhead fluorescents.


Bride Tierney featured on Philly in Love blog
(Hair & Makeup by Beautiful Brides Philly)

National and State Parks

For the outdoorsy couple, no wedding venue is more fitting than a state or national park. And as far as beauty goes, Pennsylvania parks have it all: rolling hills, waterfalls, historic mansions, and even boulder fields. For truly striking beauty, get married at one of these parks in the fall as the leaves are changing color:

  • Philander Chase Knox House in Valley Forge National Park
  • Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park
  • Chapel at Hickory Run State Park

While some state and national parks offer indoor facilities with all the amenities, others may be limited to rustic pavilions that, while charming, lack modern restrooms and drinking water. There may also be limitations on serving alcohol and decorating in historic structures. Because few parks offer on-site lodging, you should consider making arrangements at a nearby hotel and hiring transportation to shuttle guests to and from the park.

Dog Parks

For a unique urban wedding where everyone is allowed, four-legged family members included, how about a dog park? Not all dog parks are barren fields; some of Philly’s dog parks are genuinely charming, intimate spaces. If you want a dog-friendly ceremony, these parks are the perfect places:

  • Schuylkill River Park Dog Run
  • Seger Park Dog Run
  • Mario Lanza Dog Park

While most dog parks can accommodate a wedding, they may have limited experience renting out the park. Whether it’s a private dog park or a city park, make sure you contact the appropriate parties well in advance to work  — especially if you’ve chosen to board your dog leading up to the big day — consider using a dog walker or a doggie daycare to help them expend some energy before the big event. Lastly, don’t forget to send a crew to the park before the ceremony for a thorough cleanup!

Let’s face it, finding the right wedding venue is hard. But when you find the perfect place, the setting that speaks to your soul, you’ll know it. If you haven’t already considered these Philadelphia locales for your nuptials, it’s time to give them a closer look.


Guest Blogger:  Erin Reynolds is single mom who taught herself how to do home improvement projects and repairs to save money, creating a helpful DIY blog on topics such from gardening to budget-friendly tips and ideas.