Fit Your Bridal Gown to Your Body Shape

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A future bride’s work is not done until the very morning of the big day. And the biggest task she has is creating the perfect bridal look. This, of course, means choosing the ideal wedding gown, which is an important part of the entire ceremony. But all of the magazines, Pinterest boards and sketches won’t help you find the perfect one – you have to put it on to know. This is because all of us have a unique shape that will look good in different dresses, and to help guide you through the waters of bridal shopping, here’s a quick guide through different body shapes – and dresses to match.


If you have an hourglass body shape, you are one lucky girl because that means that your bust is in proportion with your hips and your overall figure is something that most other women try to achieve with different dresses. And if you want to show off your curves and celebrate them, then the perfect dress would be a bodycon or mermaid shape. It will hug your curves in all the right places, and if you get a dress that has ruching, you can conceal any areas you don’t want to draw attention to. On the other hand, if you want to be more modest, or just feel free in your movements, then an A-line will do wonders for you.


An apple-shaped person is someone who carries the majority of their weight around their stomach. It is almost like an inverted hourglass, and many brides want to even out their proportions with their gown. The best way to go about doing this is to get a dress with an empire waist, which will be flowy enough to conceal your mid-section without it looking too obvious. Another thing you can do is consider adding details to draw the eye away from your waist, like a bedazzled top, feather skirt or any other detail that will make people focus on other parts of your dress.


If you have a smaller bust with fuller hips and thighs, you have a pear-shaped body. If you are proud of your body shape, you can definitely wear a mermaid dress with some padding on the top to take full advantage of your curves. But if you want to minimize the appearance of your hips, then you should consider a ballgown. It might seem counter-intuitive because a ballgown is literally the shape with the widest bottom half, but you want to make it look like it is the dress giving that shape, and not the hips underneath. If you have a smaller chest and you can get away without wearing a bra, then you are the perfect candidate for an open back dress.

Plus size

If you are in the plus range, you will know that shopping isn’t always a great experience. Many stores don’t carry your size or simply think that plus-size clothing is a bigger version of regular sizes, when that’s not really the case. Luckily, in recent years, there’s been a rise in the number of absolutely stunning plus size wedding dresses. Now, you can choose something not only because it is the only dress you can find in your size, but because it’s something you actually want and fits your body shape, because plus size brides come in all shapes, heights and with different tastes and preferences.


If you are a taller woman, shopping for gowns can be a challenge – but it can also be a blessing. The one thing you want to make sure of is that you find something that is truly long enough: if you have long sleeves, they should cover your wrists, the dress should just about hit the floor and the waist should be at the right spot. Otherwise, you risk looking like you’ve borrowed a dress from a shorter bride. Use your assets and put your height in the spotlight by choosing a stunning floor length dress with an open back. Try to avoid tea-length dresses, as they might make it look like you couldn’t find a dress in your size.


When buying your dress, remember to try on the key accessories, because the shape of a dress (and your body in it) can be completely transformed with a belt, sash, jacket or lace slip. Try the dresses on in shoes of the appropriate height and put on the veil when you think you’ve found the right one. Remember that the most important task of the dress is to be comfortable and make you feel like the queen you are.

A Self-Improvement Guide for Brides-to-Be: The 3 Tips You Need to Know

All brides want to look their very best for their wedding day. With all of the time you spend choosing a dress, visiting venues, creating the menu, and planning your seating chart, you need to make sure that you are making time for yourself. Fortunately, you can choose from minor to major self-improvements, and many of them fit easily into your daily routine.

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  1. Get Ready for Your Close-Ups

You will cherish your wedding photos and video even more when you focus on self-improvement to prepare for your close-ups. As your wedding date nears, treat yourself to a facial. As Brides reports, various facials will help you put your best face forward. Some brides opt for traditional facials beginning at least six months before the big day.

Regular facials combined with a consistent skincare routine at home will help you look flawless. Or, you could opt for a microcurrent facial, an innovative anti-aging treatment popular today.

No matter which facial you choose, be sure to focus on at-home skincare solutions between appointments. Many brides-to-be sing the praises of all-natural skincare solutions at home, especially because they are inexpensive and don’t put any chemicals into your body. If you’re not sure how to get started with an all-natural skincare routine at home, consider these suggestions from Dr. Axe:

  • Coconut oil for your skin and hair – Cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup, heal wounds and scars, and prevent razor burn
  • Tea tree oil – Combat breakouts, redness, and skin inflammation
  • Apple cider vinegar – Cleanse the skin and help stop acne
  • Raw honey – Reduce breakouts, moisturize, heal wounds, fight allergies and rashes, and reduce scars
  • Sea salt – Balance, protect, and restore skin by putting Himalayan or Celtic sea salt in homemade masks, toners, and scrubs with coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and raw honey
  • Avocado – Hydrate with a homemade avocado face mask with essential oils and honey

Photo:  Hy Paul Photography 

  1. Boost Your Smile

Your smile should be at its very best on your wedding day. One way that you can improve your smile is with dental implants. A popular treatment, dental implants can be done for medical or aesthetic reasons, and they can make a bride who is hesitant to smile feel more confident and beautiful on her wedding day. Dental implants are a long-term self-improvement treatment that takes a few months to complete, so plan to meet with a dentist far in advance of walking down the aisle.

Teeth whitening is another way to improve your smile for your wedding day. There are several options for teeth whitening, including in-office bleaching, at-home bleaching trays, and at-home bleaching strips. If you’d prefer to whiten your teeth naturally, Healthline shares seven ways you can do so, from oil pulling to brushing with baking soda. You also can opt for a toothpaste containing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Improve Your Overall Health

 Starting a new life with your spouse is an exciting time. You can ensure a long life together if you focus on improving your overall health even before your wedding by eating healthy. Not only does drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and veggies improve your complexion, but it also helps trim your waistline to ensure you fit into that fabulous dress.

Cassie Shortsleeve of Women’s Health talked to four dietitians before her wedding to get the scoop on what to eat to avoid bloating, have energy, feed their muscles, and maybe drop a few pounds. Their suggestions include eating flax seed, chia seed, and walnuts for Omega-3s to fight bloating and stay regular. They also recommend avoiding sugar and white carbs for maintaining beautiful skin and hair and reducing inflammation.

You also should load up on fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes and carrots, to improve skin appearance. One month before your trip down the aisle, focus on eating lean proteins, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and avocado. You can eliminate carbohydrates with dinner and reduce your diary intake to reduce bloat and lose a few extra pounds.

Brides-to-be will look and feel your best with few self-improvement treatments. Make facial appointments and use at-home natural skincare solutions. Then, boost your smile with dental implants or teeth whitening tricks. Finally, improve your overall health by eating a balanced diet.

Guest Blogger:  Erin Reynolds– Erin is single mom who taught herself how to do home improvement projects and repairs to save money.


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A Complete Guide To Wedding Flowers

There are many details you need to keep in mind when planning your wedding, and flowers are definitely one of them. They come in many types, shapes, and colors, and can be used for anything from your venue décor to your bouquet. If you could use some inspiration when it comes to such details, here’s everything you need to know about wedding flowers.

Decide on the Theme

First off, deciding on your theme before dealing with the flower-related details will make everything much easier. Knowing your theme will help you choose the right type of flowers, colors, and even the amount; minimalistic themes will naturally require fewer details than elaborate luxurious themes. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research before meeting your florist. Knowing the basics about the most popular wedding flowers and their characteristics will definitely make the job easier for your florist. Plus, you won’t feel completely lost when discussing different ideas.


The Flower Girl

Traditionally, the flower girl is supposed to walk down the aisle before the bride does and gently scatter flower petals from her basket onto the ground. So, if this is something you want to include in your wedding ceremony, makes sure to provide your flower girl with fresh flower petals, which should also match your wedding theme in terms of color. She could also wear a couple of flowers in her hair, or – if you want her to be a part of your ceremony but not scatter the petals – she could carry her own smaller flower bouquet.

Aisle Runner

If you’re planning on holding your wedding ceremony outside, consider adding a bunch of flower petals along the aisle. You can place them in clusters or in some more interesting design that is guaranteed to draw everybody’s attention and emphasize your grand entrance even more. Plus, if you’re not into the idea of having a flower girl, this option would allow you to still have flower petals at your wedding, just in a bit different way.

The Bouquet

Assuming that you’re going to carry a bouquet down the aisle, it’s a good starting point for discussing flowers with your florist because it will most likely be the focal featured in the majority of your wedding photos. When discussing the type of flowers that you want to use for the bouquet, consider beautiful silk flowers – they are unique, and they can be in any color you wish, so you can easily match them with any theme. After you decide on your own bouquet, you can move on to the bouquets for your bridesmaids, which don’t have to be exactly the same as yours, but they should complement it in some way.


Traditionally, corsages are flowers worn on the shoulders or wrists of the mothers and grandmothers of the happy couple. If you want to implement this idea into your own wedding, the same rules apply as for the bride’s flower bouquet – they should match the overall wedding theme. However, they should also set apart the two different sides of the family, so you could perhaps pick a slightly different color shade for each side.

Altar Arrangements

If you want to create a really spectacular background worthy of your vows, consider decorating your wedding altar with beautiful flower arrangements. You can place them around the altar, or you can even hang them from it. Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile, you could also ask your florist to create a wall covered with flowers – it would be perfect for your wedding photos since it is bound to leave everybody in awe.

Everybody can agree that flowers are an essential part of the wedding ceremony, since they make everything much brighter and more romantic. The best thing about them is that there are many ways of incorporating them into your wedding, so whether you want them to be a part of your outfit or a part of the décor, they are guaranteed to make your wedding ceremony memorable.

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Beef Up Your Winter Skincare Routine with These Tips

Skincare is one of the most important parts of bridal beauty prep. But it isn’t something that you do a week before your wedding – it’s a part of your lifestyle, and it’s something you should do all year round. However, skincare isn’t something that is fixed: you need to adapt it to fit your needs and external elements. This means that you should follow these tips during winter if you want to meet the first spring sun looking fresh.


During winter, we tend to wear heavier products to keep our skin well-nourished, but we also spend a lot of time in cities, in transport and generally in areas that very polluted. Because of this, it is important that you cleanse your face regularly with Juara rice facial cleanser before you go to bed, and also with some lukewarm water and baby soap after you wake up. You should also deep cleanse and exfoliate once or twice per week.


A serum is like a medical specialist in a bottle. It is concentrated goodness made to help with skin issues you might have. Serums are especially good for women over the age of 40, because they can be an intense moisturizer, as well as contain vital nutrients to help rejuvenate the skin. You can also look for serums that you add into your daily face cream to make it richer.

Tired eyes

The cold air can irritate your eyes, and because of the flu season, we also often get puffy eyes and not sleep well. Luckily, there are products that you can use to counter that. Olay Eyes Illuminating eye cream is a great choice to hide dark circles and look more awake. It also contains anti-aging elements perfect for smoothing out fine lines. And if your eyes are puffy and red, then No More Baggage is the perfect solution to calm and hydrate your skin.

 Sun damage

Some people think that during winter, sunrays are not as dangerous, but this is as far from the truth as it can get. The sun is still shining even during winter, and if there is a lot of snow, it will reflect the sun’s rays and make it even worse. It’s imperative that you use sunscreen or a primer with high SPF which will protect your skin. Sun damage prevention is imperative for an even skin tone and less fine lines as you age.


All too often, people villainize makeup, saying that it is the reason for all of our skin problems. But actually, makeup (especially good quality, natural makeup) can be like a shield for our skin against the elements. Especially in winter, when our skin can easily dry out and crack due to the cold wind, a layer of foundation can act as a barrier and protect our skin. “Choose a foundation that already has an SPF—a double-duty product such as IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+, suggests Dana Persia, makeup artist, esthetician and owner of Beautiful Brides Philly, one of Philadelphia’s top  bridal beauty companies.

Smooth Lips

From reading the vows to the first kiss, a lot of attention is being given to your lips on the big day, and you want to make sure that they are in prime condition. During winter, lips can easily crack, dry out and even bleed, but this is all preventable. First, you want to use a good lip balm–like a handy EOS–and reapply it whenever you feel your lips getting dry. Secondly, you want to make sure you are getting enough moisture from the inside: drink plenty of water and reduce the salt intake to make sure your whole body is hydrated.

If you are getting married during winter, you need to stick to these tips like your life depends on them, but even if your wedding is in the spring or the summer, following them means a lot more damage control once the winter has passed. And many of these practices can be implemented in your daily routine for any season, not just winter, so no matter what season it is: start on time!

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Amazing Philadelphia Wedding Venues You Need to Consider


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When you live in a city like Philadelphia, there’s no need to stick to the same old country club wedding. From upscale mansions to laid-back parks, Philly is rich with unique wedding venues to host the nuptials of your dreams. Overwhelmed by the options? These out-of-the-box suggestions are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Greenhouses and Gardens

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than getting married against a backdrop of expertly-curated blooms? What about stunning fountains and handcrafted sculptures? That’s what you’ll find when you host your event at one of these renowned Philadelphia gardens:

While gardens often have both indoor and outdoor spaces, square footage inside tends to be limited compared to expansive garden grounds. For an event to remember, plan your garden wedding during the warm season so you can accommodate all your guests comfortably and allow them to absorb the full beauty of the venue.

Industrial Warehouses

If urban and modern is more your vibe, a converted industrial space is the wedding venue for you — not to mention, you’ll have tons of floor space when a dance party breaks out. With its extensive industrial history, the Philadelphia area is full of options for an industrial chic wedding, like these three converted factories:

These industrial spaces have great bones, but they’ll look bare without some smart decorating. Keep the modern feel by using minimalist geometric decorations and simple materials like metal, glass, and wood. String lights hung vertically give spacious rooms a more intimate feel, while Edison bulbs hung over tables offer a cozy alternative to overhead fluorescents.


Bride Tierney featured on Philly in Love blog
(Hair & Makeup by Beautiful Brides Philly)

National and State Parks

For the outdoorsy couple, no wedding venue is more fitting than a state or national park. And as far as beauty goes, Pennsylvania parks have it all: rolling hills, waterfalls, historic mansions, and even boulder fields. For truly striking beauty, get married at one of these parks in the fall as the leaves are changing color:

  • Philander Chase Knox House in Valley Forge National Park
  • Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park
  • Chapel at Hickory Run State Park

While some state and national parks offer indoor facilities with all the amenities, others may be limited to rustic pavilions that, while charming, lack modern restrooms and drinking water. There may also be limitations on serving alcohol and decorating in historic structures. Because few parks offer on-site lodging, you should consider making arrangements at a nearby hotel and hiring transportation to shuttle guests to and from the park.

Dog Parks

For a unique urban wedding where everyone is allowed, four-legged family members included, how about a dog park? Not all dog parks are barren fields; some of Philly’s dog parks are genuinely charming, intimate spaces. If you want a dog-friendly ceremony, these parks are the perfect places:

  • Schuylkill River Park Dog Run
  • Seger Park Dog Run
  • Mario Lanza Dog Park

While most dog parks can accommodate a wedding, they may have limited experience renting out the park. Whether it’s a private dog park or a city park, make sure you contact the appropriate parties well in advance to work  — especially if you’ve chosen to board your dog leading up to the big day — consider using a dog walker or a doggie daycare to help them expend some energy before the big event. Lastly, don’t forget to send a crew to the park before the ceremony for a thorough cleanup!

Let’s face it, finding the right wedding venue is hard. But when you find the perfect place, the setting that speaks to your soul, you’ll know it. If you haven’t already considered these Philadelphia locales for your nuptials, it’s time to give them a closer look.


Guest Blogger:  Erin Reynolds is single mom who taught herself how to do home improvement projects and repairs to save money, creating a helpful DIY blog on topics such from gardening to budget-friendly tips and ideas. 

Bridal Beauty Prep for the Big Day

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It’s nearly your wedding day and it’s prime time to think about how to prepare your look for the big day. And it’s never too early to start thinking about it, because real change, the one that comes from within, is not about a crash diet, a quick-fix procedure or miracle cream, it’s about a lifestyle. And what better time to make some changes in your lifestyle than when you’re joining your life with someone else’s? So let’s see what steps you need to take in order to get the perfect look.

Visit a Specialist Early

If you want to change your appearance for the better, and you want to do it safely and naturally, you need to think in advance. Whether it’s damaged hair, imperfections on the skin or something else, you need to start on time and allow your body to readjust. Consult an esthetician about the best practices and treatments to get even, smooth skin and a hair stylist on any treatments to strengthen your hair for the big day. You need to do this early because you can’t know your body’s reaction to your treatment, and quick-fixes never last. “Also, if you’re not already on a morning and evening skin routine, you should start the day you get the ring,” offers Dana Persia, esthetician, beauty guru and owner of Beautiful Brides Philly, a Philadelphia-based on-site hair and makeup company.  “Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliation are essential for beautiful, glowing skin,” adds Persia.  Just be cautious to do any new treatments, change products or go to a new specialist in the days right before your wedding, because a bad reaction can ruin your entire plan.


Hydrate Your Skin

The biggest reason for damaged skin, hair and nails is the lack of hydration. And not only that, but if you are dehydrated, you will have less energy – and the preparations won’t do themselves. Make sure you hydrate both in and out. Use good moisturizers, like those from Ultraceuticals, every day to pamper your skin and give it a glow. Carry around a water bottle with you at all times and if you keep forgetting to drink, set an alarm on your phone to remind you. Carry around a hand cream so that the ring has something soft to land on when you say “I do” and apply a hydrating cream or body milk all over your body after showering.

Have a Plan

A wedding isn’t something you do on the fly. It is months, or even years, of meticulous planning and strategizing. And in the week before the wedding, you want to do a lot of beauty prep, in a special order. Dyeing your hair or doing any permanent alterations should be done one week in advance to leave time for adjustment. Manicure and pedicure, depending on what kind of work you do and how long they will last, should be done anywhere from three days in advance to the day of. Waxing, plucking and any other hair removal should be scheduled for two days before the ceremony, to make sure the redness goes away, or if you are only shaving, the night before will do just fine. Hairstyle, makeup and any other procedures that don’t last need to be done on the day of the wedding, but make sure you schedule a rehearsal a couple of weeks earlier, to see if you really like the look.

 Makeup-hair - Beautiful Brides Philly

Photo:  Grace Dickinson

Find the Perfect Look

Every bride looks amazing on her wedding day, but you’re not any of those brides, you’re your own person and you need your own style. If you are going to do your makeup yourself, plan a look at least a month in advance and practice it every week. The day of the wedding, don’t use any new products or change the look. If you are getting a professional to do it, then just one rehearsal will do the trick, and you can make any necessary alterations then. The same goes for your hairstyle, unless you are doing something drastic–like cutting off six inches right your wedding–which might not be the best idea if you’ve never done it before. Either way, you want to find stylists whom you trust, whose portfolios you like and who are available on the date. “Do your research, read testimonials and get a few personal referrals when choosing your day-of hair and makeup team,” states Persia. “And most of all—make sure the company or artist you hire offers a rock-solid contract, Persia adds.

Sure, you groom has seen you at your best and at your worst, and so have your friends and family, but the wedding look isn’t for them: it’s for you. You deserve to look and feel like a queen because that is exactly what you are, on your wedding day and any other day.


Guest Blogger, Georgia Selih is author By nature an artist, by profession a journalist. An irreparable print lover who is enjoying this hot digital affair…

Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Planner in 2018

Your wedding planner will be your go-to person every step of the way, which is why it’s important to choose the right one. They have to be not only well-organized, professional, and experienced, but also capable of calming you down and making sure your wedding is as close to what you have imagined as possible. So, to make sure you hire a wedding planner who will understand you and have your best interests in mind, here are some questions you should ask at your first meeting.

What is your specialty?

To know whether the planner you’re interviewing is right for you, you need to know their strong points. For instance, some focus more on the design and decoration while some prefer to deal with the organization and coordination. In other words, if you need more help with one specific aspect of your wedding, you should choose the planner that specializes in that area. If you are from Australia and If you’d like, for example, to convey your love of motorcycles go for wedding planner in Sydney who can create a unique event that’s a reflection of you.

How much experience do you have?

Of course, you don’t want to hire somebody who has very little experience in the field of organizing weddings. True, we all need to start somewhere but unless you’re absolutely sure that the planner you’re hiring can turn your ideas into reality and keep everything under control, you should opt for somebody who has done it all before. Plus, weddings usually require a personal touch in order to be unique, so you need a planner who knows how to make your wedding your own.

How busy are you?

You want their full attention not only during your wedding but while planning it as well. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask about their current plans and projects. If they are already working on more than a few weddings, as can be expected from the best planners, make sure the size of their team allows them to divide their attention equally and not let any of the important details be forgotten.

What sorts of services do you offer?

Most wedding planners have a well-organized website, but it might not always be clear what services they offer. This is why it’s always a good idea to ask in detail about their wedding day packages – what they include, how much they cost, which ones are the most popular and compare it with your wedding checklist. Knowing the answers to those and similar questions will enable you to choose the right planner for your wedding.

What happens if you get sick?

You should always have a backup plan in case you find yourself without your wedding planner during your wedding day. So, ask them what happens if, for one reason or another, they cannot attend your wedding – do they have a substitute or a trusted assistant? And what if they really do need to hand your wedding over to somebody else – will that somebody be just as professional and capable of ensuring that your important day is nothing short of perfect?

Do you have the right venues in mind?

If you know what kind of venue you’re looking for but you don’t have any specific locations in mind, you should ask your planner whether they will be able to find something close to what you’ve imagined. Of course, before asking such a question, make sure to share with them as many details as you can about your venue-related wishes, so they know what to look for. You can also ask them to describe some venues they’ve worked at, so you can get a better idea of what you’d like to have at your wedding.

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, and although there will always be things you can’t control, choosing your wedding planner is not one of them. Make sure the person you’re hiring is experienced and creative enough to bring your ideas to life, ask about the details in regard to their services, have a backup plan just in case, and your wedding day will definitely be one of the most memorable days of your life.

BBP Guest Blogger:  Georgia Selih is author By nature an artist, by profession a journalist. An irreparable print lover who is enjoying this hot digital affair…



Wedding Photos You Need to Try

As a bride to be, you know that to do lists and checklists are your best friend. I used to have an entire section of my fridge covered with post-its while we were in the middle of planning: pink for bridal, blue for groom, yellow for venue, and green for photographs. When we first sat down to plan our W Day, I thought the dress and the band would be the toughest to choose. Turns out, it was the photographer!

We looked at a bunch of portfolios, and all I kept thinking was how every wedding looked the same. Luckily, we were able to find Keith, who took the best pictures ever, and who had a proper sit-down with us, and gave us about a zillion ideas for pictures, and we also had our own list of ideas (on the green post-its), so here are some of them.

Remember that in order to look your best in every frame, you need to hire professionals to do your hair and makeup. You may think you can do it alone, or that you can trust a friend to do it, but that is simply not the case. Find the right artists, who will make your vision a reality, and help you be the most glorious bride, and look great in all the snaps, including:

Pet central


If you have a cat, a dog, or even a goldfish, why not take a few images with them? It may not be the obvious choice, but these pics can be very adorable and sweet. For instance, I had this thing about having our cat in a picture (my husband proposed by tying the ring to the cat’s collar, and it took me about 15 minutes to realize it was there), so we made sure we had 15 minutes to make Mex stay still and look at the lens.

A photo booth

I know a lot of people are doing it, but you can make it all your own! We went back and forth about it, but the photo booth we ended up renting turned up some of the best images of the entire night! Make sure the costumes reflect your wedding, your group of friends, the way you are with each other. As my lord husband is the hugest fan of George Martin in the world at this point, we had our guests decked out in A Song of Ice and Fire costumes.

A city to play in

Bridal Styling


Wherever you live, I find it’s a great idea to have a photo session in your favorite parts of town. Not just where every other couple gets photographed, but where you two like to hang out, be it a bus stop, a café, a restaurant, a park, anything. Where you met, where you kissed, taking a few snaps there can be a great choice.

The venue itself

Make sure to tell the photographer to take some images of the venue, the food, the invitations, the flowers, and every other small detail they can think of, while it’s all being set up. These kinds of images can be great to look back on later, especially as you won’t be able to see these preparations in real time.

Get ready with me

Bridal Party Getting Ready

You also shouldn’t miss out on having pictures taken of both of you getting ready. You and the bridal party will naturally be having more fun, with the makeup, your own glam squad, the dresses and flowers, so make sure all of this is captured in time. Some snaps of the dress itself, a few of you getting all dolled up, you know what I mean. Meanwhile, the groom and his groomsmen should also be photographed, while they slip into ties and suits. My groom wore tails and a stiff collar for the ceremony, and there’s this picture we have where he has no idea how to tie a bowtie, which I love.

Party central

Asian Cultural Wedding Hair Styling

Finally, once the dancing gets really under way, the photographer can just go nuts – dance moves frozen in time are some of the funniest and most elegant pictures at the same time, and you will have a lot of fun looking at them years later. An experienced photographer is excellent at people-watching, and they will know whom to shadow on the dance floor.

A selfie in the making

One final thing though – make sure you take a selfie the first chance you get to be alone after the vows. A lot of emotion can be bottled up with that single click, and you will want to keep that photo on your desktop forever.


Guest Blogger:  Rebecca Dorothy Brown is a translator, avid traveler, a book worm and horror flick enthusiast.  Her job offers her the amazing opportunity to travel to dozens of countries around the world and is the space where she showcases some of them.

The Best Wedding Spots in the World

Many couples want to take their vows and join in marriage somewhere where they feel like home. A familiar pub, the place where they met, or even their own backyard. After all, it’s logistically the simplest way to hold a wedding, since most of your friends and family are around and you are working on familiar ground. However, some couples want to make their wedding a beautiful trip for everyone, and they are willing to travel far and wide to find the perfect spot. So what are the best wedding destinations across the globe?


Endless beaches, stunning scenery and exclusive resorts all come together in Tahiti to make it the perfect place for a tropical wedding. It is almost too easy to see yourself walking barefoot down the sandy aisle whenever you look at a photo of the place. You can look at the surrounding islands as well: Bora Bora, Raiatea and Huahine are all great destinations with amazing spots. Tahitian weddings are almost always at amazing outdoor venues on stunning beaches or in small clearings within the palm trees.



It’s not hard to fall in love with the idea of Iceland if you just imagine the contrast of a long, white gown and the black sand beach. Or getting married inside of a glacier, surrounded by ice and your loved ones. It might seem a bit far away, but the trip will be well worth it. There are hundreds of amazing natural locations to choose from and it will most definitely be a unique experience for you and all your guests.


Saint Lucia

This Caribbean island is a paradise that looks like it was specifically made for destination weddings. Unlike so many islands that have nothing but white beaches and palm trees to offer, St. Lucia is a mountainous place with a new and exciting location at every step. You will fall in love with the waterfalls, rustic forests and aged architecture that will surround you as you make those all important steps.


If you want to have fun in a place where you are sure all resources will be readily available, then Sydney is the place to go. It is full of stunning locations that are just waiting for couples to speak their vows. Besides the amazing seaside locations and stunning venues, there are numerous beautiful golf courses in Sydney that are simply perfect for an outdoor ceremony, as well as the after party in one of the nearby restaurants. You know you won’t have any trouble finding a place to accommodate all of your guests either, and they will be able to stay for a longer time and enjoy everything the city has to offer.


Italy is the land of love and Tuscany might just be the most romantic part of the country. The vineyards will provide amazing scenery as you tuck into the local delicacies. The locals will always be willing to help, and you won’t have to look too far to discover the true authentic experience. The recommendation here is, of course, an outdoor wedding, but the small B&Bs often have amazing spaces for indoor ceremonies as well. Remember to enjoy the wine while you’re there!

Opting for a destination wedding is not easy, and it will take a lot of planning and a few sacrifices as well. If guests are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation fees, then you need to be prepared for some people not to come, and if you want to pay the expenses yourself, you might find yourself with a guest list a lot shorter than what you originally planned. Nevertheless, a destination wedding is the most exciting thing you can plan a great way to kick-start your married life.

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To Lash or Not to Lash! Wedding Day False Lashes Explained

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No matter if she dreams of a huge princess ball gown, or an edgy silk jumpsuit, every bride wants to look her most beautiful on her big day. Apart from the dress, every look is made complete with the perfect hair and makeup. Nothing elevates a make-up look so dramatically as a pair of falsies. However, some women are still intimidated by the application process or worry that they might be too obvious. Actually, there are several kinds of false lashes, and each are different in terms of cost, longevity, application and effect. If you are on the fence about wearing falsies, take a look at our handy guide.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the most long-lasting out of all lash solutions. They can give you a dramatic look that will really make you shine in your wedding photos. They will also spare you from the stress of trying to apply falsies on your big day. The lashes are attached with a specially formulated glue that, with regular touch-ups (normally once a month), allows them to stay on permanently. If extensions are your choice, make sure you get them done at a professional salon to avoid damage to your natural lashes or even an allergic reaction or infection. When done by a pro, the application process is safe and painless. Depending on the volume, length and type of hair (mink, silk or synthetic), the initial procedure normally costs anywhere from $100 to $400, while touch-ups are around $50-$70.  (Beautiful Brides Philly is now offering lash extensions.  Starting in January, we are taking appointments, so email us at for more information.)

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Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are actually little clusters of 3 to 4 lashes each. Each pack comes with plenty of these little clusters in varying length. They are glued on using lash glue. Individual lashes provide a lighter, less dramatic look. It takes a bit of practice to perfect the art of even application, but once you master it, you can achieve a very natural, fluttery look. They are also a great option if you only need to fill in some patches of sparse lashes. The usual price range for natural individual lashes is from $3 to $15, and each pack contains enough lashes for several uses. Theoretically, they can be reused if cleaned properly, but with the low price tag, it might not be worth the hassle.

Strip Lashes

Strip eyelashes are not permanent, and are a good solution if you normally like your natural look, but want to go dramatic for your special occasion. There is a huge range of false strips available, and you can achieve any look you imagine, regardless of the quality of your natural lashes. The application can be finicky and stressful. If you have never done it before, but really want them for your wedding day, let a professional make-up artist apply them for you. Depending on the brand, style and quality, they can cost anywhere from a few bucks, to $50 a pair. With proper care, they can be re-used.

Naturally, to ensure that your glamorous eye look and your fabulous lashes put on the very best show, you will need to capture them in the right light. As important as your makeup is, only the right photographer will know how to capture the highlight and the shadow perfectly.


Middle Eastern Wedding Headband Style
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Ultimately, it’s important you look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day, but what matters most is your comfort. It’s best to try out falsies beforehand. Experiment with different types, and then make an educated decision based on your experience to ensure you look radiant and feel at ease.

Guest Blogger:  Georgia Selih is author By nature an artist, by profession a journalist. An irreparable print lover who is enjoying this hot digital affair…