Avoid a Cosmetic Disaster Before Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding is a long process that will keep you on your toes for months, or even years. Everything, from choosing a venue and catering, to getting your perfect bridal look ready, is taken into consideration. However, there are some things that we tend to leave for the last-minute, especially when it is about our own look which doesn’t require mobilizing a lot of people in advance. Nonetheless, if you do want to enhance your look before your big day, here are the procedures you should and shouldn’t do close to your wedding:

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Dermal fillers to smooth out fine lines, give your face a lift, or make a feature stand out, are gaining more and more popularity. Fillers are a popular option, taking the place of a traditional cut-and-stitch face lift, because they aren’t nearly as invasive and require minimum downtime. You will be up and running in a day and your face will be completely regenerated within two or three days. Still, you shouldn’t do this just before the wedding, but rather about a month in advance, to make sure that you will actually be satisfied with the results. If you aren’t satisfied, give yourself enough time for corrections to deflate a bit, or simply to learn how to cover them up with makeup. However, if you’ve had fillers before and you’re doing them at the same place, you can get away with doing them about a week before the wedding. Also, make sure your makeup artist knows that you are doing it because it might require changes in the makeup look.

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Removing Imperfections

Do you have a tattoo that is very visible and that you just don’t love? Or maybe you have scars from the past that you would like removed before you walk down the aisle. All of these things can be fixed with laser therapy. Removing scars and tattoos takes time, and your skin will need time to heal after it’s done. That’s why you really want to start this procedure well in advance, sometimes over a year before the wedding. However, what you probably didn’t know about lasers is that they can do the carbon laser facial which is offered in a skin care clinic in Perth and a few other cities around the world. This procedure removes the dead layers of skin and leaves you glowing. It’s actually a method that’s been around for a long time, but it’s being refined and reinvented all the time, giving women a youthful look – something the mother of the bride might be interested in, too. There is no downtime, but your skin might be red or irritated, so leave at least three days before the wedding to let the redness die down.

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Body Sculpting

You, or someone from your entourage, might want to look extra good on the big day, and with all the planning and running around, there’s really no time to go exercise and get a perfectly toned body in the gym. And after all, there are some things that just can’t happen naturally, like a breast lift or a tummy tuck. So, if you want that perfect look, you will need to schedule your surgery well in advance. Even though some surgeries only require a downtime of a few days, your dress needs to be fitted to a new body, so you want all the stitches to heal and the scarring to die down, as well as the pain to go away.

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Get a Perfect Smile

There are more ways than one to get that Hollywood smile, and it all depends on the current state of your teeth. For many, all they need is a little whitening, which can be done literally a day before the wedding – as long as you avoid any red wine and coffee right afterwards. However, others might want to reinvent their teeth completely, by for example, putting on porcelain veneers, to give themselves a perfect set of teeth. You can get fitted with these the very day before the wedding, but they take time to create and adjust, so start the process sooner, and make sure you are comfortable with them, so that you can enjoy the food that you have so carefully picked.

All in all, you want to always ask your doctor about what the downtime will be, how long will it take for the swelling to go down and about other similar issues, because, if you think that walking down the aisle with thin lips is bad, imagine having blue, bruised ones. Make the right choice and make sure you look stunning no matter what you choose to do.

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