5 Amazing Boho Wedding Hairstyles For Tender Brides


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Walking down the aisle and symbolically entering a new life with your significant other is one of the most graceful and beautiful moments in a woman’s life. This is why choosing just the right heels for this very special walk, a marvelous dress, and a magical hairstyle are such important occupations for every bride to be.

In this open and primal, but still tender, bridal spirit, this article offers you five examples of great boho hairstyles that will make you look like a queen – almost effortlessly – and nurture your natural grace.

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A Low Curly Updo

A low updo is a hairstyle with many benefits – it has endless variations, and getting creative with it will be far more fun than frustrating! A low updo is so flexible that it can work in many ways, so you can adjust the choice of your variation to fit the shape of your face, as well as to the color, quality, and other nuances of your hair.

Also, if you absolutely fell in love with this hairstyle, but your hair is on the thinner or shorter side, don’t hesitate to add a couple of long clip in hair extensions to achieve the look you want! If you choose natural hair extensions, blending them with your own hair can be quite easy and you can achieve a gorgeous wedding look in no time. Any variation of a low curly updo is a great bridal choice, as it gives off a vibe that says tender princess, but still an untamable one!

Tip: You can free two wisps of hair on each side in front – this will add an extra touch of tenderness to your look.


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Embellished Braid

Braided hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among brides, as braids can appear effortless and natural, but still unquestionably graceful. A great way to add even more grace to your braided hairstyle is to embellish it with the right hair accessories – from delicate rosebuds to shining headbands and other hair jewelry.

This is where you can get creative – but be careful, as it can be easy to get carried away and overdo it. Remember to harmonize your accessories with the rest of your look, as well as with the overall tone of your wedding.

If you choose to embellish your braid, it’s probably the best idea to be discrete with the rest of your jewelry in order to not overdo it. After all, a tender bride shouldn’t look like a Christmas tree.


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Boho Flower Crown Hairstyle

Being both beautiful and liberating, boho hairstyles itself suggest a kind of quirky, adventurous spirit; but adding a flower crown as a special touch to your boho hairstyle is the next level. Hair flower crown gives off an authentic hippie vibe, and you can modify it even further depending on if you wear a soft, delicate wreath, or a flamboyant one.

Choosing a combination of tender-colored orchids and magnolia or chrysanthemums may make you an angel of your wedding day and create a beautiful, gentle scene no one will forget!


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A Crown Braid

On the other hand, if you don’t want any flowers In your hair, but you like the idea of a crown, or a kind of halo even, you can make it with your own hair! This hairstyle is absolutely lovely, and is easier to make than it looks – you can even find a lot of DIYs for a bunch of boho hairstyles, including a crown braid.

You can also decorate your crown braid with sparkles, or other decors. Don’t forget to unleash your full creative potential – that is also an essence of the boho aesthetic after all.


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Charming Waves

Last but not least, don’t forget about the good old fairy-like curls that are still one of the best ways to fully express your femininity and grace. Although boho hairstyles are most often associated with braids and flowers, or leaves in hair, is there a better way to express the free breath of your feminine spirit, than letting your hair whirl in the soft wind?

This is also a hairstyle you can do yourself if you feel comfortable enough. Simply using a curler to pull a couple of swings through your hair can be enough to get a marvelous look.

In conclusion

Being a bride is a time when every woman shines like an angel. Nevertheless, everyone knows how stressful preparing for this monumental event can get. More than often, less is more, and going with a simpler, more liberating look can save you a lot of nerves. Ensuring you’re free of tension on your big day can give you more grace than perfecting every last detail of your look. Why not start with a gorgeous boho hairstyle?

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